The Collection includes of the three Poupées Mannequins Annabelle, Barbara and Clarisse , who take part in the following themes:

Après-midi au Jardin
Soirée au Théatre
Shopping aux Champs-Elysées

Other themes will be added step by step including those made for specific order.

For his 1924 masterpiece l'Inhumaine, French director Marcel L'Herbier received contributions from major Art Deco artists, with haute-couture By Paul Poiret, music composed by Darius Milhaud, model work by Autant-Lara, settings designed by Mallet-Stevens and decoration by Fernand Leger.
In his excellent essay "The Cubist Cinema", Standish D.Lawder, professor at Yale University, reports how Georgette Leblanc, in the summer of 1923 after returning from New-York, approached L'Herbier with the idea of making the film. She thought its chance of commercial success, especially in the United States of America, would be enhanced if it presented a synthesis of every branch of French arts.
Never before has so many talents been gathered to celebrate the new lifestyle of the Jazz Age.

On its own scale, Sylvie Elégance Studio designs themes in which an activity, an atmosphere or a situation is staged.
Built like theatre or musical comedy settings, each scene integrates an original artwork of the 1920's, furniture, carpets, fabrics, painted sets or wallpapers. Any thematic presentation may benefit from a lighting system and a musical program.

Other works illustrating the collaboration between artists were used as reference:
• Parade (1917), Erik Satie, Pablo Picasso, Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes,
• Les Mariés de la Tour Eiffel (1921), Jean Cocteau, the Groupe des six,
• Within the Quota (1923) Sara & Gerald Murphy, Cole Porter, Rolf de Maré and the Ballets Suédois,
• Staking Rink (1922) Fernand Léger, Arthur Honegger,
• La création du Monde (1923), Blaise Cendrars, Fernand Léger,
• Relache/Entr'acte (1925), Francis Picabia, René Clair, Jean Börlin.

The Poupées Mannequins Clarisse (Granville), Annabelle (Royan) and Barbara (Lavandou) sip a cup of tea under the pergola.


Gouache by Fernand Schlegel.

Theatre intermission chit-chat with Annabelle (Promesse and Possession), Barbara (Avenir) et Clarisse (L'Intrépide).

Gouache by Félicien Cacan (1923)

Paul l'Homme Pressé, with Clarissse (Granit) and Barbara (Arc En Ciel),meets Annabelle (Armor) and Clarisse (Morvan) in a mall on the Champs-Elysées.


Watercolor by Kay L. Dennis, PA

The most artistic Fashion Dolls, the most fashionable Artist Dolls