The Parisiennes. Sylvie Elegance Studio pays homage to la Haute Couture des Années Folles through its Mannequins Poupées Annabelle, Barbara and Clarisse, the symbols of the Modern Women in the Jazz Age (Les Années Folles).

The Gentlemen. bkbkb

An exclusive production. In the tradition of arts & crafts, each Mannequin Poupée is a limited edition hand-made creation.

The presentation. Each model is signed and numbered.

La collection :

Sylvie a crée pour les Mannequins Poupées Annabelle, Barbara et Clarisse une collection complête de tenues adaptées pour toutes les occasions en toute saison.

Les Gentlemen :

Quelque soit leur occupation, ils sont toujours d'une impéquable élégance.


The rise of the modern woman after the war appears like the most outstanding trend in the Jazz Age. Thanks to her hard won freedom, the woman of the 1920's asserts her existence in every possible way: she learns how to drive an automobile and how to dance fox-trot and Charleston, smokes in public venues and adopts a radically different fashion style.

Either a bobbed hair bachelor girl wearing trousers, a sportswoman casually dressed in flowing jerseys or a sophisticated lady in a glittering low waist gown, the woman frees herself of the restricted clothing and manners of the Belle Epoque (corset and chaperon) so she can enjoy a way of life so far only afforded to men..

Paris remains the leading place for aesthetical experimentation. After Paul Poiret, a new generation of fashion designers (see list) takes it upon themselves to introduce a new range of fabrics, patterns and accessories.
Movie and music-hall stars popularize this glamorous fashion, in Le Boeuf sur le Toit in Paris or on the beaches of the Riviera.








According to the traditional definition of "artisan", Sylvie controls every phase from the initial design to the finest details of millinery.

Sylvie designs and realises the modeling and scupture of each Mannequin, then the clothes and accessories of each model.

The 20" Mannequins Poupées are entirely made of fine porcelaine, with nine parts individually smoothed and hand painted, and are articulated at eight points with rotation: neck, shoulders, waist, hips and knees.
Sylvie Elegance Studio is proud to offer this world exclusive.

A natural hair wig has been created for each Mannequin.

Each model with its set of clothes and accessories is assembled in very limited editions of 3 to7 depending on the scarcity of fabrics. Inspired from 1920's fashion magazines, each model is an original creation. Each pattern is designed, drawn then tested, Only the best quality fabrics are selected with lining for each piece of clothes when required and functional button-holes. Only furs are imitation.
Each model has its own pair of true leather shoes with matching top.

Specific models can be custom made.

Annual production is limited to 24 pieces.

Sylvie Elegance Studio enjoyed the collaboration of dedicated craftpeople:
• Natural wigs by Sylvie Bravot (Paris),
• Japanese screen by Pierre Leloup (Montréal),
• Case binding by Jacques Fournier (Montréal),
• Watercolor set by Kay L. Dennis, PA
and the suppliers of fine fabrics:
• Maupiou, rue de la Paix (Paris),
• Tueni, rue St-Hubert (Montréal),
• Paisley, rue St-Hubert (Montréal),
• Organdi, rue Masurel (Lille),
• Bouchara, rue Lafayette (Paris).



Each Mannequin Poupée is clearly identified by the trademark at the nape af the neck.
Sylvie Elegance studio offers "artist signature" at events such as exhibitions, gift or prize-winning parties...

For individual presentation, Sylvie Elegance Studio designs and makes its own stands with basis. They are custom made, available only through Sylvie Elegance Studio.
Thanks to the articulation of the legs at the hips and knees, the Mannequins Poupées can be seated in armchairs.
Period furniture may be designs on special order (please expect a delay).
A display in glass cabinet or a thematic presentation (see themes) includes several models, on fixed or rotating stands.

Each Mannequin Poupée benefits from a luxurious conservation box adorned with gilded-stamped logo.
This box is an exclusive design for Sylvie Elegance Studio. It keeps the certificate of authenticity with denomination, model and edition size.



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